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The Hatpac A Sleek, Modern Way To Store, Display and Protect Your Baseball Caps! The Storage Solution You Never Knew You Needed


Sick of your prized baseball caps getting ruined over time? Join the PAC revolution today. Scroll down to learn more!

The only way to store baseball caps

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Got my PAC Case today and I'm well happy!! I bought one months back and instantly saw the benefit of this product!! Finally got around to getting two more!! Great product and it fully protects my caps!! Theres also a little pad inside and i spray various fragrances on them and it leaves a scent on the caps, not tooo much though!! The case itself is lightweight and durable, can also be carried around or hung on your bedroom wall. Definitely worth a purchase!!!

Anju Mac

Really great gift!

Purchased this product for my brother's birthday present, he absolutely loved it! The quality is really good and easy to use, it feels robust and it looks nice... I even think it came with a deodorizer. Absolutely loved it... really happy I came across it!


Best thing I ever bought for my caps!!

This is exactly what I needed!!
I love snapback hats and I am forever buying new ones as they always get dusty especially white ones, now I can keep my hats dust free, also the deodorizer really works. Great product!! Would recommend to anyone who loves caps



Love this product, very simple to use and good for travel. It does exactly what it says it does, protects your hats while removing moisture and odour by far the best purchase I’ve made in a while I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Amazon Customer

Excellent Value for money

My dad has one, he thinks its excellent for storing his baseball caps, it has a little air fresher inside which keeps his caps nice and fresh, the hat pac is very strong. My dad says it excellent value for the money he cannot stop talking about it.

Amazon Customer

Welcome to the Future

The "Hatpac" Baseball Cap Storage Solution - Say goodbye to misshapen, faded and dirty baseball caps with the innovative "Hatpac" storage and display system